How to set build path in eclipse IDE?

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to set build path in eclipse IDE. Let us give it a go together ☺️

A proper build path is required for compiling and building a java project. In Eclipse IDE, the build path is a crucial element for Java development. It defines the dependencies and resources required to compile and run your code. By setting the build path correctly, you can optimize your project dependencies, manage the classpath efficiently, and avoid runtime errors. In this article, we will show you how to set the build path in Eclipse IDE for your Java projects.

Method 1:
1. Right Click on your project folder, Select Build Path > Configure Build Path

How to set build path in eclipse IDE?


Right Click on your project folder, Choose Property > Java Build Path

For both case, you will find the same options panel like:

2. Select “JRE System Library” and select Edit from the right sidebar

3. Choose the right version of java installed

And hit finish and Refresh the project

Method 2:

1. Step 1 is the Same as the previous method

2. Select the Libraries Tab and delete any arbitrary library present there.
3. Click on Add Library option, Select JRE System Library, and click Next.

4. Select the option Workspace default JRE and click Finish.

5. Hit Finish

Right-click on the project and select Refresh.

Also, see the example code JavaExamples_NoteArena in our GitHub repository. See complete examples in our GitHub repositories.

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