Spring Boot Tutorial: Building RESTful APIs from Scratch

Course Description

This course is designed to teach participants how to build RESTful APIs using Spring Boot. It covers the fundamental concepts of RESTful APIs, and the basics of the Spring Boot framework. The course is structured to provide participants with hands-on experience in building and testing RESTful APIs using Spring Boot.

RESTful APIs using Spring Boot

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the concepts of RESTful APIs and how they work
  • Understand the basics of the Spring Boot framework
  • Build and test RESTful APIs using Spring Boot
  • Implement CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations for RESTful APIs
  • Handle exceptions and errors in RESTful APIs
  • Secure RESTful APIs using Spring Security

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to RESTful APIs

  • What are RESTful APIs?
  • HTTP protocol and RESTful principles
  • Representational state transfer (REST) architecture
  • RESTful API components

Module 2: Introduction to Spring Boot

  • Overview of Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot advantages and disadvantages
  • Spring Boot architecture and components
  • Spring Boot starter dependencies

Module 3: Building RESTful APIs with Spring Boot

  • Building a RESTful API with Spring Boot
  • Implementing HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
  • Request and response payloads
  • Testing RESTful APIs with Postman

Module 4: CRUD Operations with Spring Boot

  • Creating RESTful APIs for CRUD operations
  • Implementing GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE methods
  • Retrieving data with query parameters
  • Updating data with request body
  • Deleting data with path variables

Module 5: Exception Handling in Spring Boot

  • Introduction to exception handling
  • Exception handling with Spring Boot
  • Custom exception handling
  • Handling errors with response entities

Module 6: Spring Security for RESTful APIs

  • Introduction to Spring Security
  • Securing RESTful APIs with Spring Security
  • Implementing user authentication and authorization
  • Configuring security using Java code and XML configuration

Module 7: Conclusion

  • Recap of the course
  • Best practices for building RESTful APIs with Spring Boot
  • Future directions in RESTful API development


  • Basic knowledge of Java programming
  • Familiarity with web development concepts (HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Course Instructor

Mamun Kayum Mamun Kayum Author

Visit our springboot-projects GitHub repository for the code.

Also, see the example code JavaExamples_NoteArena in our GitHub repository. See complete examples in our GitHub repositories.

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