IELTS Listening Practice Test 2

Here is an IELTS Listening practice test with different types of questions.

Section 1: Conversation

You will hear a conversation between a hotel receptionist and a customer. Answer questions 1-5.

section 1 audio

Section 1: Questions

  1. What is the name of the hotel?
  2. What type of room did the customer want?
  3. What is the check-in date?
  4. How many nights is the customer staying?
  5. What is the total cost of the reservation?

Answer Key:

  1. The Riverside Hotel
  2. Double
  3. 5th of July
  4. 5 nights
  5. 450 pounds

Section 2: Monologue

You will hear a monologue about the life of Charles Dickens. Answer questions 6-10 by selecting the appropriate letter A, B, C or D.

section 1 audio

Section 2: Questions

    When was Charles Dickens born?
    A. 1812
    B. 1836
    C. 12 years old
    D. In Portsmouth, England

    What was Charles Dickens' first novel?
    A. Oliver Twist
    B. Great Expectations
    C. A Tale of Two Cities
    D. The Pickwick Papers

    What was Charles Dickens known for?
    A. His social activism
    B. His support of the rich
    C. His career as a journalist
    D. His factory work

    Which of Charles Dickens' books is not mentioned in the monologue?
    A. Great Expectations
    B. A Tale of Two Cities
    C. Oliver Twist
    D. The Hound of the Baskervilles

    What is the reason for Charles Dickens' popularity?
    A. His social activism
    B. His support of the poor
    C. His writing career
    D. His family background

Answer Key:

Section 3: Conversation

You will hear a conversation between two friends, Rachel and Tom, discussing their upcoming travel plans. Answer questions 11-15 by filling in the gaps.

Rachel: Hi, Tom! I heard you’re planning a trip to _____________. When are you leaving?

Tom: Yeah, I’m really excited! I’m leaving on 11.

Rachel: That’s great! Where are you going first?

Tom: Well, I’m _________ into Lima, and then I’m going to 12 for a few days to see Machu Picchu.

Rachel: Oh, that’s on my ________ list too! Are you going to 13 afterwards?

Tom: No, I’m going to head south to 14. I want to explore some of the ___________ there.

Rachel: Sounds amazing! How long are you planning to stay?

Tom: About three weeks in total. I want to make sure I have enough time to see everything I want to see.

Rachel: That’s a good idea. What’s your 15 looking like?

Tom: I’ve booked most of my ________ already, but I still need to figure out some of the transportation details.

Answer Keys:

11. South America
12. flying
13. bucket 
14. national parks
15. accommodation 

*Note: these are sample questions, not actual questions from an IELTS test.

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