IELTS Vocabularies Start with B

Here are important IELTS vocabulary words starting with โ€œBโ€ with their meanings and usage:

Barrier - a physical or psychological obstacle that prevents progress or communication. Example: The language barrier can make it difficult to communicate with people from different countries.

Bias - a tendency to favor one thing over another, often based on personal opinion or prejudice. Example: The media's political bias can influence public opinion.

Bizarre - very strange or unusual. Example: The movie's plot was so bizarre that it was hard to follow.

Bolster - to support or strengthen. Example: The government is taking steps to bolster the economy.

Bountiful - abundant; plentiful. Example: The harvest was bountiful this year.

Breach - a violation or breaking of a law, rule, or agreement. Example: The company was fined for a breach of environmental regulations.

Burgeoning - growing rapidly; expanding. Example: The company's burgeoning profits have attracted investors.

Benevolent - kind and generous. Example: The benevolent millionaire donated millions to charity.

Bewilder - to confuse or puzzle. Example: The instructions for setting up the device bewildered me.

Barren - unable to produce crops or vegetation; unproductive. Example: The desert is a barren landscape.

Backlash - a strong negative reaction to something, especially a political or social change. Example: The proposed law sparked a backlash from the public.

Blatant - obvious and without shame. Example: The politician's lies were a blatant attempt to mislead the public.

Boast - to speak with excessive pride or self-satisfaction. Example: The athlete boasted about his accomplishments.

Banal - lacking originality; boring. Example: The movie was a banal romantic comedy.

Beacon - a signal or guide, often used metaphorically. Example: The lighthouse was a beacon of hope for sailors lost at sea.

Blunder - a careless mistake. Example: The politician's blunder cost him the election.

Blueprint - a plan or design that serves as a model for something. Example: The architect drew up a blueprint for the new building.

Breadth - the distance or range of something; the scope or extent. Example: The breadth of the company's product line is impressive.

Buildup - the gradual accumulation of something, often used to describe a military or political buildup. Example: The buildup of troops at the border was a cause for concern.

Bypass - to avoid or go around something. Example: We bypassed the traffic by taking a back road.

Buttress - to support or reinforce, often used metaphorically. Example: The facts buttress the argument that climate change is real.

Balmy - warm and pleasant, often used to describe weather. Example: The balmy weather made for a perfect day at the beach.

Bequeath - to pass down or leave something to someone in a will. Example: The millionaire bequeathed his fortune to his children.

Beguile - to charm or deceive someone, often in a deceptive way. Example: The salesman beguiled the customer with his smooth talk.

Belated - happening later than expected or usual. Example: The belated apology did little to repair the damage.

Belligerent - hostile and aggressive, often used to describe countries at war. Example: The belligerent attitude of the opposing army made negotiations difficult.

Benign - harmless; not dangerous. Example: The tumor was benign and did not require surgery.

Bigotry - intolerance or prejudice, especially toward those with different beliefs or lifestyles. Example: The speaker condemned the bigotry that had led to discrimination.

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