Python Installation and Set-up


To write our python program and execute them, we have install two softwares/programs

  1. Python, where our code will get executed
  2. Integrated Development Environment(IDE), where we will write our code and also help us to execute the code

Install Python:

 Download the latest version of Python from and install in your device. There are basically two main versions of Python, Python 2 and 3. You may see versions like 3.7.1, 3.6.7 or 2.7.5 etc, but every version with having 3 is referred as version 3 and other with having 2 is referred as version 2. Python 2 is also sometimes called legacy version of Python. That means it is not actively being maintained or supported officially by the Python organization who release the Python. Whereas, Python 3 is latest version of Python which is actively being supported. We are going to use Python 3 in this tutorial series.

Install IDE or Text Editor:   This is where we will write our code. This will also help us run and test our code.

 Download the latest version of Pycharm from and install in your computer.