Spring Boot

In this course, we will cover the fundamentals of Spring Boot, including how to create and configure a Spring Boot application, how to build RESTful web services, how to integrate with databases, how to secure your application, and how to deploy your application to various platforms. By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of how to use Spring Boot to build robust and scalable applications that meet the demands of modern businesses.

Course outline:

    Introduction to Spring Boot

    What is Spring Boot?
    Benefits of using Spring Boot
    Setting up a development environment
    Creating a simple Spring Boot application

    Spring Boot Fundamentals

    Spring Boot starters
    Spring Boot auto-configuration
    Spring Boot dependency injection
    Spring Boot configuration properties
    Testing Spring Boot applications

    Building Web Applications with Spring Boot

    Introduction to Spring MVC
    Creating RESTful web services with Spring Boot
    Consuming RESTful web services with Spring Boot
    Spring Boot and database access
    Securing Spring Boot applications

    Advanced Spring Boot Concepts

    Spring Boot Actuator
    Spring Boot DevTools
    Spring Boot Profiles
    Spring Boot WebFlux
    Spring Boot Integration Testing

    Deploying Spring Boot Applications

    Packaging Spring Boot applications
    Deploying Spring Boot applications to various platforms (e.g. Tomcat, Jetty, AWS, etc.)
    Monitoring Spring Boot applications

    Best Practices for Spring Boot Development

    Spring Boot coding conventions
    Tips and tricks for optimizing Spring Boot performance
    Best practices for testing Spring Boot applications
    Troubleshooting common issues with Spring Boot applications

This course outline covers the basics of Spring Boot, including creating web applications and integrating with databases, as well as more advanced topics like Actuator and WebFlux. It also covers best practices for Spring Boot development and deployment.

Course Instructor

Mamun Kayum Mamun Kayum Author

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