What is Git? Why Git is important???

What is Git?

In easy words, Git is a version control system developed in 2005 by Linus Torvalds, who is also the creator of the Linux operating system kernel. The question that arises is, what does version control actually mean? Well, it means controlling the versions of our project’s code, and not just the code, but also the versioning of other kinds of files.

Why Git is important???

Let’s consider a scenario:

Suppose we are working on a project, i.e., a software. After coding for a certain period of time, we have reached the end of the project and are about to release it (version 1.0). After running the software, one of our clients wants some extra features, so we have to work on the previously coded code. We start working again and add some code to the project. After finishing the modifications and adding new features, we are now ready to release the second version (version 1.01) and finally release it. Our client is happy.

However, one problem is that another client wants some extra features that are different from the previous client. So, we need to modify the same code again, but we have already made significant changes in our code. What can we do now? We can only remove the changes we made, but it is very time-consuming and costly. So, what should we do to avoid facing such a serious problem? The solution is to use a version control system (e.g., Git, SVN) that can control (save) our code at every version release or any changes we want to save.

In this tutorial series, we will learn Git completely and practice Git practically.

to be continued……