Get Started with Linux and some initial setups

Open up terminal (where we are gonna write our command) by pressing ctrl+alt+T or Super Key (windows key) and type “Terminal” and Click on Terminal:

Change the “root” password (if you did not setup already):

Command: sudo passwd root

It will ask for your password, provide that and also provide password for your “root” user.

Install ssh server:

SSH is the acronyms for Secure Shell. SSH allows to take control over remote server and modify that.

SSH allows to connect virtual machine from the host machine.

Command: sudo apt install ssh

Install vim editor:

vim is a text editor which is used write and modify our text files. By default, Linux does have a good text editor. So, we have download and install it.

Command: sudo apt install vim

Install VMWare Tools:

If you are using VMWare, you should install VMWare Tools. If you do not install VMWare Tools, you are probably going to get issues regarding the use of resolution, keyboard, and mouse.

Command: sudo apt install open-vm-tools-desktop